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online since October 2003, represents the further development of my old, neglected and non-profit homepage was intended to increase my knowledge about PHP programming compared with reviewings of graphic editing freeware and useful digitalcamera tools, which is my hobby. Due to the fact, that the daily amount of visitors increased very quickly after first launch, I decided to set focus of adding valuable freeware and reviews more than improving my PHP skills. Today, fits a small niche in digital photography related web content and comes close to the first needs of digital camera owners, who spend a lot of money in new equipment and looking for a cheap s

The main goal for is to present capable, pure and worthy freeware, to get a quick start into photo editing issues without spending money for expensive tools. We hope to help mentioned authors and firms in gaining new customers or at least a well known reputation. For now, contains German language based content, but provides a lot of English spoken freeware.

Service provides:
- Digitalcamera related freeware review and downloads
- Photography related actual keyword lexicon
- Digitalcamera test section
- Firmware announcements and special news besuchen
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